The hotel

The Weisses Kreuz is steeped in history. It opened its doors to Innsbruck’s most famous citizens in 1465. Today, it opens its doors to the entire world: welcome to the new hotel with its very own bar – if only they could speak, the stories these walls would tell you! The prize-studded noa* architecture studio developed the new concept, a bold and unique marriage between the Baroque and the future. We like to call it “chic-shock-baroque”. Welcome, zany and creative guests, people who march to the beat of their own drum, and whoever is looking for something off the beaten track. 

“Not even a hostel has rooms like these, the walls were a dirty mess, and all you could see from the window were pigeon droppings,” was an earnest review left on some years ago – ouch. And yet that didn’t stop Thomas and Brigitte from purchasing the ancient Weisses Kreuz in 2017. The entrepreneur and hostess with the mostess had fallen under the spell of the 1465-built building and its ancient walls. They put their heart and soul into welcoming guests for a good two years without carrying out any structural work. However, the criticism about the lack of comfort – while expressed with creative turns of phrases – started to slowly weigh down on them. The time had come to change the narrative: Thomas and Brigitte will welcome unique, zany people to a crossroads between the old and new starting from spring 2021. A splash of Baroque opulence tempered by clear, modern lines for a shocking yet pleasingly chic effect. Antiquity revisited in the beating heart of Innsbruck.

Chic rooms? Check. An amazing bar? Check. What else can we offer guests? Why, the answer is amazing experiences and products, of course. How about we start with a refreshing Austrian “Tirol Kola” rather than a Coca Cola – don’t worry, it won’t bite and it’s just as prickly and refreshing as its global counterpart. We want international guests to feel at home while also providing them with an all-round local experience, from food to art, in our chic hotel in downtown Innsbruck. #tirolrocks

Spring 2021: this timeless building will be home to 48 new rooms and suites. We’ve called them chambers, the old English word for rooms, because we want to preserve as many historical elements as possible throughout the hotel. Uniqueness is our calling card, and the same applies to the chambers: no two rooms are the same. (Working on an ancient building did not help our designers and architects – sorry about that! But that right corner is a unique rarity!) A phantasmagoria of colours, patios, balconies – or not. Book yourself a once-in-a-lifetime treat in the “Mozart Suite” and its pool table but the best thing about the room is that the wunderkind really slept here in 1769! You can also choose the “Golden Roof” suite boasting a view over the actual Golden Roof – baroque, chic, and a smattering of cliches too, as you can see. The “Super Patio” suite opens out onto a pocket of green oasis in the heart of Innsbruck’s historical city centre. From golden opulence to spartan rooms: the “Besenkammer” is for guests who only need the bare necessities, or even less. After all, we’re “chic-shock-baroque”, remember?

Out with the old, in with the new. But what if we want to keep some of the old? As a cheeky homage to the numerous reviews given to our old rooms (The room is miniscule and absolutely horrid) we created the “Besenkammer”. A closet of sorts (13 m ²) with none of the pomp, ceremony, and grandeur found in the other rooms.


48 new rooms

The chambers

An explosion of colours splashed across the plucky interior design.

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Blaue Brigitte

Our loft bar welcomes you!