Partners and friends

Hi there, neighbour!

We love our neighbours. So we thought, why not ask them for the things we need? Eggs, milk, Speck, a good book, yoghurt – after all, we’ve all knocked on our neighbour’s door once and asked them if they had some flour or salt to spare, right? That’s how we roll in Tirol. We really don’t see why city hotels always have to offer a continental breakfast. It makes just as little sense as a penny-pinching policy when purchasing high-quality products. We believe there’s another way of doing things in this neighbourhood. Allow us to show you what we mean.

Meat me there!

We use Speck and sausages for breakfast and as an aperitif.

From Ampass, 7 km from Innsbruck.


You can find the best eggs in town at our bar.

The Oberländerhof farm in Kematen, 12 km from Innsbruck.

Tiny morsels

Fresh fish fest: Anton Steixner and his brook trout farm – an unconventional sushi aperitif.

From Mutters, 10 km from Innsbruck.

Sweet treats

A tasty highlight at breakfast!

From the Pinnistal, 30 km from Innsbruck.