Let it bee!

Let it bee, says Markus Span!

Ever wondered where that delectable nectar at the bar comes from? Zany Markus Span is the man responsible for the golden nectar. You’ll usually find him adding another wooden beehive to the vast collection in the Pinnistal valley, part of the Stubaital valley. He speaks about drones, mating, and colonies. If it were up to us, we’d rename the valley: the Valley of the Bees.

Markus Span oversees approximately 150 colonies: 25 in the Pinnistal valley’s section part of the Ötztal valley, around 30 km from Innsbruck. Markus is a small and athletic man, a doer if there ever was one – just like his bees. He’s taken Lucca, his 20-year-old nephew, under his wing. They are both proud “Bee Bosses” in the valley. Their hard, often invisible work is rewarded by copious amounts of honey. Markus waxes lyrical when telling us about his "Alpenrosenhonig, now that’s an absolute hit!"

The Span Family’s daily bread and butter has been honey-making since 1965. Markus’ father, Franz, kicked it all off with just three colonies. From that moment onwards, the apiary kept growing sustainably, as the family did not purchase any further colonies. The bees, forest, flowers: you see right away the Spans value sustainability, and high-quality products without additives. Who needs them, right?

We want our guests to fully enjoy Markus Span's honey. They can sample it as a tasty highlight at breakfast or as a sweet jam served during a relaxing Tea Time at the Blaue Brigitte. Let it bee – it’s so easy.

PS: a day trip to the Pinnistal valley with our Land Rover DEFENDER 90 is well worth the trip. Stunning views, forests, and mountains: a nice break from the city if there ever was one.


Alles Joghurt 

Die Familie Seeber macht nur eine Sache: Joghurt. Die aber gut, finden wir.

aus Lans, 7 km

Meat me there!

Any questions?

We use Speck and sausages for breakfast and as an aperitif.

From Ampass, 7 km from Innsbruck.


The Wander-hens

You can find the best eggs in town at our bar.

The Oberländerhof farm in Kematen, 12 km from Innsbruck.