The Oberländerhof farm in Kematen

No Risk, No Farm!

Matthias Mayr is considered a bit of a freak among his fellow farmers. Hardly surprising, as the former Swarco Raiders Tirol footballer rears “wandering hens” which in turn are guarded by “body goats”. What do they put in the water in Kematen?

Matthias Mayr and the Oberländerhof farm’s history obey no rules, rhyme, nor reason. A story about trailblazing agriculture and new ideas which, like with any other self-respecting innovator, only ended being laughed at by his peers. To be fair though, holistic management, “wandering hens”, preserving the soil, and “body goats” were unheard of concepts for us too at the start. But it all started making sense as soon as Matthias, whose eyes lit up as he talked about it, started telling us what it’s all about. Incidentally, he is now a “poultry consultant” for the industry.

Matthias’ hens roam and wander across 17 hectares every day. This preserves the soil, and the hens never get bored. A happy hen makes for better eggs. Of course, Matthias can’t always pay attention to his brood and so, when he’s not around, he has goats looking after them. But not just any old goats: he’s lovingly nicknamed them “body goats”, and they guard the brood from ravenous hawks by means of their loud bells.

Trailblazers don’t always have an easy life. Thinking outside the box takes courage, which is why we thought we’d make a good match. The proof is in the pudding or, in this case, in the yolk: you can find the best eggs in town at our bar. A match made in heaven: thank you, Matthias!

PS: we told you we love zany people, right? Well, now and then people actually practise yoga on these meadows, displaying their downward dog among wandering hens and their bodyguards, the goats. We promised unique, and we always keep our promises.

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