Demlhof – Ampass

Manuel the butcher

You need quite the physique to do all Manuel does – and it shows. Down to earth and a fun guy, he’s got a great can-do attitude. At his Demlhof farm, Manuel takes care of everything himself to produce mouth-watering pork and beef.

When a butcher takes care of the entire process, from rearing to processing, that’s when meat tastes as it was meant to taste, says Manuel. Together with his father, Manuel rears pigs and cows at the Demlhof. All in compliance with existing legislation, of course. Manuel travels to farmers’ markets and fairs so that as many people as possible can enjoy his tasty cuts of meat and sausages. But he’ll also take an innovative approach and drive to Innsbruck to replenish his meat vending machine – as you can see, he’s one creative guy!

We use Speck and sausages for breakfast and as an aperitif at the Blaue Brigitte bar we source from our personal butcher: Manuel and his Demlhof farm. Because our guests deserve meat that should taste as it was meant to.

Manuel was a bit confused when we approached him. All he said was: “You know our meat isn’t exactly cheap, right?” Of course we knew, and we would not have it any other way. Because regional, high-quality meat is always worth its price in gold. End of debate… and the start of a great cooperation.



The Wander-hens

You can find the best eggs in town at our bar.

The Oberländerhof farm in Kematen, 12 km from Innsbruck.

Tiny morsels

Steixner Saiblinge

Fresh fish fest: Anton Steixner and his brook trout farm – an unconventional sushi aperitif.

From Mutters, 10 km from Innsbruck.

Sweet treats

Let it bee

A tasty highlight at breakfast!

From the Pinnistal, 30 km from Innsbruck.