Steixner Saiblinge - Innsbruck

Freshwater fish

Anton Steixner was Deputy Governor of the province and is Brigitte’s brother. Since retiring from politics, he’s taken on a bizarre pastime: he farms brook trout in his ponds and delivers them to high-quality restaurants. Now, we all know politicians can come up with some unconventional ideas, but this takes the cake. Or the fish, if you will.

Five years ago, Anton Steixner decided to create a small trout farm – and he was considered completely bonkers. Today, Anton’s cold, meltwater ponds yield 100 kg of brook trout which he delivers to people who value outstanding quality. “Fresh as it gets – that applies to the water and the fish.” He also treats the animals and nature with respect, making the photoshoot not easy as he only takes his pride and joy out of the water very briefly.

He shares how important it is to only give the fish organic animal feed from Austria, to have 100% oxygen content in the water, and how important it is to know the ins and outs of treating the raw product. You somehow get the impression Anton does everything he does just for the fish.

He’s actually always been interested in seeing more diversity in the farming and agricultural landscape. He wanted to do something nobody else had done before. It looks like he and his sister Brigitte are very similar in that sense – after all, who serves trout sushi as an aperitif in a hotel bar? We recommend you wash it down with a refreshing glass of Grüner Veltliner. Cheers!

Sweet treats

Let it bee

A tasty highlight at breakfast!

From the Pinnistal, 30 km from Innsbruck.

Meat me there!

Any questions?

We use Speck and sausages for breakfast and as an aperitif.

From Ampass, 7 km from Innsbruck.


The Wander-hens

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The Oberländerhof farm in Kematen, 12 km from Innsbruck.